MIddle East 1900 - present day

By cjbrown
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    Middle East Events

  • Balfour Declaration

    Zionist movement which viewed "with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people".
  • League of Nations

    "To fulfull the Balfour Declaration, Britain recieved the League of Nations mandate over Palestine."
  • Migration

    Over 500,000 Jews migrate to Palenstine to create a better life for themselves.
  • Limiting Immigration

    Right before WWII, according to the Zionists, Britain violated the Balfour Declaration by limiting the Jewish immigration into Palestine.
  • Arab League

    Established to control Arabs policy on world issues, especially Arab efforts against Israel.
  • Palestine Problem

    Britain handles the Palestine problem (too many Jews coming over), to the UN General Assembly.
  • Israel poclaims its independence

    'The Israeli republic is the Middle East's only modern democratic state.'
  • Invention of OPEC

    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Consists of six non-Arab and seven Arb states. Dominated by Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia. OPEC's purpoe it to increase its members' oil revenues.
  • Nasser Dies

    Nasser's position was handed to Anwar al-Sadat. Egypt then turned their foreigh policy away from the Soviet Union.
  • Japanese Terror

    Arab employed the Japenese terrorists to massacre innocent victums at the Tel Aviv Airport.
  • Soviet military backs down

    The Soviet Union military was ordered to leave Egypt and although they were no longer supporting the war physically, they provided weapons and spare parts.
  • PLO

    Palestine Liberation Organization. The PLO becomes the "sole legitimate representative of the Palestine people."
  • PLO Attacks

    Lebanon was a base for the PLO to get into Israel. When PLO landed on an Israeli coast and killed some of their civilians, Israeli retaliated by occuping Lebanon for three months.
  • Israeli Treaty

    a. extend economic and military loans to both Israel and Egypt
    b. assist Israel in case of Egyptian violations of the peace treaty
    c. help meet Israel's oil needs for up to 15 years
    d. take part in negotiations on Palestinian self-rule
  • U.S. sells to Saudi Arabia

    The U.S. Congress agrees to sell Sauid Arabia $8.5 billion of military equipment. This included five Airborne Warning and Control System Planes.
  • Israel invades Lebanon

    Israel invaded Lebanon and forced PLO guerrillas to leave.
  • Palestine becomes a state

    In NOvember 1988, Arafat and the Palestine National Council met in Algiers and Palestine becomes a state with Jerusalem as its capital.
  • New Consititution

    After meeting in Taif, Muslim and Christian members of Lebanon's parliament declared a new constitution to improve the power of Lebanon's Muslim majority and end the civil war.
  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Iraq and Kuwait argued over two reasons. 1.) Iraq's demand for changes in a border that divides a rich oil field (with most of the oil on Kuwait's side) and 2.) Iraq's demand that Kuwait cancel their loans made to Iraq during the war. Due to this, Iraq decided they were annexing Kuwait.
  • Operation Desert Storm

    Hundreds of U.S. planes struck targets in Kuwait and Iraq. The UN Security Council got involved due to a failed attempt at Iraq immediately removing themselves from Kuwait.
  • Israeli-PLO Accord

    Israel and PLO opens up to talk about diploamtic issues. PLO's accepts Israel's "right to exist in peace and security" and renounced the "use to terrorism and other acts of violence." In effect to this, Israel recognized the PLO as "the representative of the Palestinian people."
  • Israel and Jordan come together

    JOrdan becomes the second Arab nation to end its state of war with Israel. Three months after this agreement, Jordan and Israel signed a peace agreement.