HIstory of medicine

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In History
  • 1000

    Surgical instruments

  • 1030

    Standard texbook in muslim and european

    Standard texbook in muslim and european
  • 1084


    First documented hospital in England
  • 1095

    discovery of a disease

    St. Anthonys fire
  • 1280


    Used to magnify and look closer at items
  • 1390

    Red book of Hergest

    Red book of Hergest
    contained medical information
  • William Harvey

    Discovered the circulation of blood
  • Anton Van Leeuwenhoek's

    Made an observation of bacteria
  • preventative against scurvy

    discovery citrus fruit preventative of scurvy
  • Charles bell

  • Smallpox vaccination method

    Smallpox vaccination method
  • Vaccinations

    Vaccinations particular to smallpox
  • first vaccination for cholera

  • charles chamberlan

    injecting the disease cancels it out
  • Almroth Wright

    introduced a vaccine against typhoid
  • Alexander Flemming

    discovered penicillin-p.notatum in mold
  • Sulfonamide drugs

    Sulfonamide drugs
    active against streptococcal infections in mice and humans
  • Selman walksman, Albert schat, and Elizabeth Bugie

    They discovered streptomysis grisues active against tuberculosis
  • humane genome

    humane genome
    rough draft of the human genome
  • Study conducted by the institute of medicine

  • First HPV vaccine approved

  • Techniques

    techniques on surgery for kidney removal improved
  • medieval medicine list

    helped connect scholars all around the world
  • The first kidney was grown in the vitro

  • 3D print heart from human patient cells

    3D print heart from human patient cells
  • Period:
    -500 BCE
    Dec 31, 1300

    Middle Ages

    middle age starts
  • Period:
    Jan 1, 1300

    Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution starts
  • Period: to


    Renaissance starts
  • Period: to

    Modern world

    Modern world starts
  • Period: to

    21st Centruy

    21st Century starts