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  • Mar 10, 1500

    War between Spain and France

    war for control of the Italian city of Naples
  • The Santa Fe aqueduct is inaugurated

    Together with the aqueduct Chapultepec, it will provide water to what is still called the city of Tenochtitlán from the Tlaxpana or Musicos fountain.
  • The first temple collapses.

    From Santo Domingo in the square of the same name
  • The Castle of Chapultepec is built

    By the viceroy of New Spain and ends in 1788
  • Mexico's independence

    The Mexican independence movement is framed by the Enlightenment and the liberal revolutions of the last part of the 18th century. Around that time the enlightened elite began to reflect on the relations of Spain with its colonies.
  • Consummation of independence

    Mexico City the Trigarante Army, after more than ten years of insurgent struggle to achieve the Independence of Mexico. Throughout this process, the great caudillos who led the movement - Hidalgo, López Rayón and Morelos, among others - were apprehended and shot by royalists. In the last stage of this feat, Vicente Guerrero stood out.
  • American intervention in Mexico

    Known in Mexico as the American Intervention in Mexico, it was a warlike conflict that faced both countries between the years of 1846 and 1848.
  • Cakes war

    The operations of the creation of the Cakes are part of an attempt to obtain economic privileges in Latin America
  • The National University of Mexico is open

    It is formed with different higher schools that are scattered throughout the city.
  • Mexican Revolution

    The antecedents of the conflict go back to the situation in Mexico under the Porfiriato. Since 1876 he exercised power in the country in a dictatorial way.
  • Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico

    Among the changes regarding the Constitution of 1857, are the elimination of the reelection of the President of the Republic and the position of vice-president, as well as the creation of the free municipality.
  • In Tlaxcalantongo, Puebla, Venustiano Carranza is assassinated.

    Adolfo de la Huerta is appointed president
  • In Mexico, presidential terms are established for six years,

    A measure that is applied until the presidency of Lázaro Cárdenas.
  • José López Portillo President

    On July 4, presidential elections are held in the
    Republic. José López Portillo, sole candidate, obtains
    more than sixteen million votes, which is over 90 per
  • The article 123 of the Constitution is promulgated

    The reform to article 123 of the Constitution is promulgated,
    Section A, section XXXI that refers to job training.
  • The National Front is constituted

    Against repression, whose objectives are to fight for the
    presentation of the detained-disappeared, the abolition
    of torture and unconstitutional repressive bodies, general and unrestricted amnesty for all prisoners, persecuted and exiled for political reasons, the
    abolition of clandestine prisons and an end to the persecution of dissent.
  • Earthquake

    an earthquake of 7 degrees on the scale of
    Richter hit the territories of the states of Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero, causing 30 deaths, a thousand wounded and
    more than fifteen thousand victims.
  • Reforms to articles are enacted 29, 90 and 92 of the Constitution

    Which refer, respectively, to the suspension of guarantees in emergency cases national or local, to the centralization of the Administration Federal Public Law according to the Organic Law and that all Regulations, Decrees and Presidential Orders must be signed by the Secretary of State or Head of the Administrative Department.
  • establishes an additional tax on prices for electricity consumption

    The federal Income Law establishes an additional tax on
    prices for electricity consumption, of one peso per kilowatt-hour, as part of the economic reorganization to free the government subsidy on electricity rates.