Mexican Timeline by: Jordan

Timeline created by Mrs.Whitbread
  • Where they settled

    The Mechica/ Aztecs settled in the valley of mexico (where mexico city is now) in the 1300's
  • New Civilization

    In the 1400's, a new powerful civilization devoloped in mexico
  • Spanish Arrival

    When the spanish arrived in the 1500's, they unknowingly brought desises over that killed many indeigenous people
  • Olmec civilization

    Around 1200 BCE The olmec civilization developed alond mexicos gulf coast near tabasco and veracruz
  • Porfirio Diaz

    in 1876 Porfirio Diaz came to power
  • Srong Army

    The Aztecs had a strong army of volunteers. After 1500 CE the had conqured and controlled 5 million people