Medical Timeline

By knn11
  • First Successful Appendectomy

    First Successful Appendectomy
    The first appenectomy, the removing of the appendix, was perfomed by Claudius Aymand.
  • First Cataract Surgery

    First Cataract Surgery
    The first cataracts were extracted by Jacques Daviel with a technique that was considered state-of-the-art.
  • First Caesarean Section

    The first successful c-section performed in America was in Mason County, West Virginia by Dr. Jesse Bennett.
  • The Start of Anaesthesia

    The Start of Anaesthesia
    Humphry Davy starts working with Nitrous Oxide and discovers its anaesthetic properties.
  • First Successful Blood Transfusion

    First Successful Blood Transfusion
    James Bundell transfused a women with 4oz of her husbands blood.
  • First Surgery with Anaesthesic

    Crawford Long performed the first surgery where the patient had taken an anaesthestic.
  • First Laparoscopic Surgery

    First Laparoscopic Surgery
    Surgery that allows a camera to go inside the body to find bigger problems.
  • First Successful Open Heart Surgery

    First Successful Open Heart Surgery
    Dr. C. Walton Lillehei and Dr. F. John Lewis performed heart surgery using hypothermia.
  • First Kidney Transplant

    First Kidney Transplant
    Joseph Murry perfoms the first kidney transplant on indentical twins.
  • The Start of Laser Surgery

    The Start of Laser Surgery
    Laser surgery is used for painless, bloodless surgery, as well as when percision is needed.