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Manifest Destiney

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    Manifest Destiney

  • Santa Fe Trail

    Santa Fe Trail
    The Santa Fe Trail is a trail that began in Missiouri and ended in Sante Fe Trail,New Mexico.This trail was used to trade goods and it was a short cut to avoid the sloops and hills.
  • Annex

    A lot of texans wanted to join or be a part of the united states.
  • Battle of the alamo

    Battle of the alamo
    The alamo was a 13 day battle that the texans lost and if you lived you were exucuted.
  • San Houston

    San Houston
    Sam houston was made the commander of the texas army.
  • Lone Star Republic

    Lone Star Republic
    In december 1836,Texans raise the national flag of independence texas,after that sam houston became president.
  • Stephen F.Austin

    Stephen F.Austin
    He founded a colony for Americans in Spanish Texas.
  • James Polk/President

    James Polk/President
    He was the eleventh president of the united states,he was committed to western expansion.
  • Bear Flag Revolt

    Bear Flag Revolt
    The bear flag rebellion was a rebellion that lead up against mexican rulers that were in california.
  • Zacharey Taylor

    Zacharey Taylor
    A U.S general who fought over the battle of Rio Grande and stationde 3,500.
  • Mexican cession

    Mexican cession
    was when Mexico gave up and surendered there land to the united states.
  • California gold rush

    California gold rush
    when gold was dicovered in 1848 everybody wanted some who wouldnt it was a way to get rich fast.
  • The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    they have lost the war to a bitter defeat,many mexicans felt that the united states had provoked the the war trying to get mexican territory.
  • 49er's

    Were people who set out to california to go and find gold.
  • James Marshall

    James Marshall
    He was a carpenter who had discovered gold in an american river.