Makayla's "exciting" autobiography

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    on October 4,2004, The marvelous spectacular amazingly wonderous( not as wonderous as Imani though ) Makayla Moore was born at 3 something in the morning in Louisiana.
  • Trial and Error

    Trial and Error
    I don't know the exact date, but the average time it takes to begin walking is between 9-12 months, and i'm pretty average.
  • babe

    sometime when i was learning how to talk, I started calling my parents babe thinking that was their name, since they called each other that.
  • split

    When I was four years old, my parents divorced. it's not that big of a deal, after all, divorce is so common these days.
  • Away From Home

    Away From Home
    Shortly after the divorce, we moved out of Louisiana and into... Texas. :( Then we moved to Kansas, and I got to visit the Land of Oz via tornado :)
  • A New Step

    A New Step
    i first met my step-dad Tyler when i was 5 years old. we met at the beach. I was already holding his hand before the end of the trip
  • My first friend

    My first friend
    shortly after starting my first year at Oppe, i made my first friend, Lilian. She's still my best friend now.(and Imani)
  • A New Addiction (not a bad one)

    A New Addiction (not a bad one)
    Around 8, I grew a passion for writing. That was when i wrote my first book, "Lepra".
  • Super Chaos

    Super Chaos
    When I was in 4th grade, I wrote a series called Super Chaos that included everyone in the class.
  • Dreamers

    In 5th grade, I made a writing group called the Dreamer's. sadly, it didn't last long....
  • The Most Magical Place on Earth

    The Most Magical Place on Earth
    After my grandma died ( we weren't that close) we went to Florida to spill her ashes in the pacific, and then went to her favorite place, Disney World.
  • Met the Amazing Imani

    Met the Amazing Imani
    Met the awesome,spectacular, amazingly wondrous, splendididily dee Imani Mikahala Janice Simpson the first
    ¨Imaniś so cool¨-Makayla
    (slide ACTUALLY added by Imani, not me, but I guess i´ll keep it)
  • FINALLY got 2nd place in poetry contest!

    FINALLY got 2nd place in poetry contest!
    I guess first place would´ve been more spectacular, but iḿ just glad I just placed.
  • Natalie and Imani... leaves

    Natalie and Imani... leaves
    Natalie´s mom decided to move to Washington, and Imani had to switch schools and will now go to Dickinson. I´m going to miss them so much...
    Me too :(-Imani the wickedly awesome and cool


    I publish my first book Our Reality in 2020! ( a goal) I make tons of money and live in mansion, I then go bankrupt spending all my money on peach cobbler