Major Events in the Development of CSI Sciences

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In History
  • 700

    First use of fingerprints

    First use of fingerprints
    The first use of fingerprints was by the Chinese on sculptures, to mark documents, and to have a system of classification.
  • 1108

    Hsi Duan Yu

    Hsi Duan Yu
    Hsi Duan Yu was a book written to describe the affects drowning vs. strangulation to the corpse.
  • Temperature used for time of death

    Temperature used for time of death
    Scientists started to use the deceased's body temperature in order to try and determine time of death.
  • Forensic Toxicology

    Forensic Toxicology
    The first book written about Forensic Toxicology was written by a Spanish chemist and physician who is known as the “Father of Toxicology”. His name was Mathieu Orfila and his book was “Traite Des Poisons”.
  • The first case of forensic firearm examination

    The first case of forensic firearm examination
    Henry Goddard applied ballistic fingerprinting to link a bullet recovered from the victim to the murderer.
  • Fingerprinting System Developed

    Fingerprinting System Developed
    Sir Francis Galton published works about the importance of fingerprints, created a small system of fingerprint classification, identified fingerprint patterns, and founded that people have different fingerprints.
  • Blood Types Identified

    Blood Types Identified
    Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian Doctor, began separating the blood groups, allowing for the identification of blood possible and making blood transfusions safe.
  • Portable polygraph machine

    Portable polygraph machine
    A was a medical student at University of California at Berkeley named John Augustus Larson made the Portable polygraph machine.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    The FBI started using psychological profiling.
  • DNA profiling

    DNA profiling
    In 1986 Sir Alec Jeffreys had discovered the first technique for DNA profiling which have expanded on to have the technology we use today. In 1987 Tommie Lee Andrews was the first person to be convicted guilty with the use of DNA profiling.