Line of Time

  • Period: to

    Short-Term Goal

    S - Save money to rent an apartment
    M - Save at least $600/month
    A - Get a full-time job that pays at least minimum wage
    R - Work full-time, giving up some free time in the process, to get enough hours to make $600 a month
    T - Do all this before february 19, 2022
  • Build a Resume

    Build a Resume
    You can't get a job without an interview, or an interview without a resume. I already have that done, so this step is done already.
  • Reach out to Employers

    Reach out to Employers
    No job hands itself to you. To have any chance of snagging a workplace, you gotta talk to people who could hire you. No one's going to go actively looking for you.
  • Get The Job & Work

    Get The Job & Work
    No money without labor. The get the sweet life-blood required to own a home and buy food I'll sell my body to the workforce and acquire that bread as the kids say.
  • Rent an Apartment With Your Savings

    Rent an Apartment With Your Savings
    This one's pretty obvious. You need a down payment on a house or, in this case, a security deposit on your apartment. I need to save enough to make that payment, plus rent.
  • Life The Dream (Until I Can Get a House)

    Life The Dream (Until I Can Get a House)
    From here, it's repeat the 3rd step - work and save. I'll save up as much as I can while living on my own and eventually have enough to own a house on my own as well. Lofty goals....