Life with Sarah

  • Sarah's Birthday

    Sarah's Birthday
    What a cute baby! She looks very red and puffy. Iam so glad to meet you, Sarah Madoline Foltz!
  • Period: to

    Life with Sarah

    How much fun it has been to be Sarah's mom.
  • Trip to California!

    Trip to California!
    Sarah took her first plane ride before she was even a year old. Our family loved being in California for Carol's wedding!
  • Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

    Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten
    Mrs. Redline loved you in Pre-Kindergarten. Mrs. Bixby said you were a free thinker in Kindergarten.
  • Canada Trip

    Canada Trip
    We really thought Niagra Falls was beautiful.
  • Graduation from Fifth Grade

    Graduation from Fifth Grade
    You made it through elementary school!
  • Puerto Rico!

    Puerto Rico!
    We had fun in Puerto Rico!