lesson 2: westward bound

  • northernstates banslavery

    between 1776 and 1786, 11 states all but south carolina and georgia outlowed or heavily taxed the importation ofenslaved pepole.
  • Period: to

    westward bound

  • eli whitney invents the cotton gin

    in 1793 eli whitney of massachusetts invented the cotton gin, a simple machine that quickly and efficiently removed the seeds from the cotton
  • the national road is built to west virginia

    in 1803 ohio joind the union. they asked the government to build a rode to connect it with the east. congress viewed the ntional rode as a military necessity.
  • the louisiana purchase

    it nerly dubbled the size of the U.S. and was bought for 15$ milloin
  • the louis and clark's expedition

    jeferson wanted to know more about the west so he got his private secretary meriwether lewis to lead an expidition. lewis got his friend from the military to be co leader.
  • fulton develops a powerful steam boatengine

    on august 17 1807 fulton's clermont made its first run. the clermont was a steamboat like no other, it was more powerfull and had a smother ride then the rest.
  • the U.S. signs peace treaty with the britsh

    the U.S. signs a treay with the britsh in ghent belgium
  • U.s. gains florida from spain

    in 1819 the spanish singed the adems-oins treatry. in it spanish gave east flroda to the united states and gave up all claims in west florida.
    in return the U.S. gave up its calims to spanish T.X. and took the bill of $5 million that americans claimed spain owed them for damages.
  • missouri compromise

    the missouri compromise, reachedin 1820, provided for the admission of missouri as a slave state and main as a free state.
  • erie canal is built

    the erie canal is 363 miles long. after more then two years of digging the erie canal opend on october 26, 1825.