Leon Trotsky

  • Lev Davidovich Bronstein born in Bereslavka

    Lev Davidovich Bronstein borned in Bereslavka, Ukraine, in a Jewish family.
  • He scapes from Siberia and goes to London

    The Czar of Russia banish he to Siberia, but he scapes to London and there, he met Lenin and join he.
  • Turn to Russia for makes a revolution

    He turn to Russia in 1905 and participate in the revolution, but it was a fail.
  • He scapes from Siberia again

    After revolution, he turn to be imprisoned in Siberia, but he scapes again in 1906
  • Turn to Russia for a new revolution

    With the new revolution of Bolsheviks, Trotsky came to Russia
  • Stalin makes Trotsky have to go out of Rusia

  • Stalin make the assassination of Trotsky