Justin Perea Timeline 1

  • 476

    The last Roman emperor in the west, Romulus Augustus, was deposed by the Forderati Cheifeten, Odoacer.

    The last Roman emperor in the west, Romulus Augustus, was deposed by the Forderati Cheifeten, Odoacer.
  • 523

    Justinian marries Thedora

  • Feb 15, 607

    The Pantheon in Rome is converted into a chuch.

  • Feb 15, 614

    The Persian army sacks Jerusalem; sets fire to the church of the Holy Sepulchre and capture the True Cross.

  • Feb 15, 671

    Battle of Two Rivers: King Ecgfrith of Northumbria defets the Picts.

  • Feb 15, 674

    The first Arab seige of Constantinople begns.

  • Feb 15, 707

    The Byantines lose the Baleric islands to the Moors

  • Feb 15, 716

    The Umayyads conqer Lisbson. Boniface begins missions to the Germans.

  • Feb 15, 754

    al-Mansur, the second Addasid caliph, starts to rule. Pope Stephen II crowns Pepin the Short King of the Franks.

  • Feb 15, 1010

    Beowulf is written anonymously

  • Feb 15, 1122

    The Concourt resolves the Investiture Controversy, thus bringing to an end of the first phase of the power stuggle between the Papacy and the Holy Roman Emperors.

  • Feb 15, 1137

    Louis VII is crowned King of France. He subsequently marries Elanor of Aqutine daughter of William X

  • Feb 15, 1155

    Frederick I Barbosa is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

  • Feb 15, 1163

    The Almohads finish driving the Normans out of North Africa

  • Feb 15, 1167

    William Marshal "the greatest knight that ever lived", is knighted in Engalnd

  • Feb 15, 1177

    Pope Alexzander III sends a letter to Prester John, beleiving he is real.

  • Feb 15, 1183

    Saladin conquers Syria and becomes sultan

  • Feb 15, 1214

    Battle of Bouvines: IN France, Phillip II of France defeats John of Engalnd.

  • Feb 15, 1220

    The Mongols first invade Abbasid Caliphate; Bukhara and Samsrkand are taken

  • Feb 15, 1233

    The Inquisition is established

  • Feb 15, 1237

    Mongol invasion of Rus': Sack of Ryazan. THe Lvionian of the Sword unite with the Tetonic Knights

  • Feb 15, 1245

    Pope Innocent IV sends Giovanni da Pian del Caprine to the Mongol court, suggesting (amonst other things) that the mongols convert to Christianity

  • Feb 15, 1290

    King Edward I of England orders all Jews to leave England

  • Feb 15, 1297

    Battle of Striling Bridge: the scotish armies of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeat the english

  • Feb 15, 1303

    Edward I of England reconquers Scotland

  • Feb 15, 1305

    Phillip IV of France accuses the Knights Templar of heresy.

  • May 11, 1320

    In FRance, 54 members of the knight Templar are burned at the stake for heresy

  • Jan 20, 1327

    Edward II is deposed by his wife Isabella

  • Feb 15, 1337

    The Hundred year war begins between France and Engalnd

  • Jan 26, 1340

    King Edward III of England is declared king of France

  • Clovis becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age 13 after the death of his father.

    Clovis becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age 13 after the death of his father.
  • Cerdic & Cynric land somewhere on the south coast of Great Britan.

    Cerdic & Cynric land somewhere on the south c
  • Cedric becomes the first King of Wesex.

  • Clovis is baptaized into the Cathlic faith.

  • THe lombards convert to Christianity

  • Reccared, King of the Visigoths, renounces Arianism and adpots Catholicism.

  • The plague reaches Rome, killing Pope Pelguis 2

  • The city of Edessa is taken from the Byzantine Empire by the the Sassandins.

  • Paolo Lucio Anafesto is elected the first Doge of Venice.

  • Umayyad troops invade Armeina and secure submission of Smbat Vl Bagratuni.

  • Widukind and many other Saxsons are baptized.

  • Charlamane conquers Bavaria.

  • Irene is diposed as Empress Byzantium, replaced by Nicephorosus I, and banished to Lebos.

  • High water mark of Alfonso II of Asturia's campaigns against al-Anadalus, the Christians sack Lisbon.

  • The Danish king Harald accepts Christianity.

  • First siege of Constantinople by the Rus.

  • Oleg of Novatakes Kiev and makes it his capital.

  • Rurik gains control of Novgorod

  • Charles the Fat becomes King of Western Francia, thus for the last time reuniting the FRankish kingdom

  • The Vikings besiege Paris

  • Ingolfer Arnarson arives as the first Viking settler in Tceland, setting in Reykjavik

  • The Moors lose Madrid to the Kingdom of Leon

  • The Pechenegs begin th Sige of Kiev

  • Nicephorus II begins a camppaign to recapture Cilicia

  • Christianity is adopted in Iceland

  • Mieszko I, the first duke of Poland, is baptized a Christian