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Jules Verne

By JohnV.
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    Jules Verne's Life

  • Napoleon IS EXILED

    Napoleon IS EXILED
    Napoleon is defeated and is exiled to an island controlled by the British, which causes France to lose its long time ruler. Which leads to the conclusion fo the need for a new ruler for France, since they had lost their last battle a new leader was needed in order to lead politically well it people.
  • Birthday time

    Birthday time
    Jules Verne was born in Nantes, France where sea travlers and sea trade occured. Which led to the spark in Jules Verne's imagiantion and leads the idea for many of books.
  • Dictator rises

    Dictator rises
    Simon Bolivar declares himself dicator after freeing most of Latin America of Spain rule. Though out of Spanish rule, the citizens disapprove of having a dictator as a ruler.
  • First Opium Wars

    First Opium Wars
    Britain and China's war over control of China as who ever wins receives the control over trade and other things.
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    Gold is discovered in California, many immgrants move to that area causing multiple cultures to join, gold may lose its value due to the surplus that has been found causing a possilbe inflation in economy.
  • French Colonies free slaves

    French Colonies free slaves
    The French Colonies abolish slavery, which is a economic and social difference for France as the most lowere of classes are equal with regular white men. Jules Verne in his story shows examples of "slaves" or servants that are loyal to their master and are treated like human rather than animals.
  • Law Studies

    Law Studies
    Jules passes law degree and decides to stay in Paris, where he writes multiple plays and begins his journey as a writer.
  • Indian Rebellion

    Indian Rebellion
    An uprise of Sepoy soldiers against the East India Trading Company, ended the Company rule in India but instead became a British Monarch.
  • Jules explorers the world

    Jules explorers the world
    Jules does multiple of trips down to Scotland, England and to the British Isles. And shortly writes (Backwards to Britain) through the influence of his travels during that year and the next one.
  • American Civil War

    American Civil War
    The Start of the Civil War commences as the seperation of states occurs and the confederates declare themsleves as their own, leading to economic issues and troubles for the young America country.
  • Journey to the Centre of the Earth was written.

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth was written.
    Another famous work of Jules, having the influence and wild imagiantion where during his time, his ideas were wideky accpeted. Due to the lack of actual facts of science, and while his ideas such as a world under the world seems unreal it was attractive to the people at time.
  • Journey to the Americas

    Journey to the Americas
    Jules Verne goes with his brother to the Americas two years after the Civil War in America, which influences the time frame in which (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea) was written in.
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is written.

    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is written.
    One of Jules Vernes greatest works in his life, influenced plenty by the travels of sea. From his brother joining the army and as a boy living near trade climax, and his own travels to various locations.
  • Franco-Prussia War

    Franco-Prussia War
    Jules Verne is enlisted in the war as National Guard, and does not stay for very long due to his medical conditions. This event may have allowed Jules to understand what the trill and fear of being in a battle was like and then uses that to better give a scenario for his readers.
  • Czar Alexander II assassinated

    Czar Alexander II assassinated
    Responsible for the Emnacipation Manifesto that freed the sers, was killed in a explosion while attending a military roll call. Leads to search of new political ruler for the Russians as they have just lost one.
  • Dreyfus Affair

    Dreyfus Affair
    The Dreyfus Affair takes place in France, where a military leader is frmaed for treasoning, causing a little disturbance in France economy as they attempt to prove Dreyfus innocent while others continued to frame him.
  • Theodor Herzl begins the Zionist movement

    Theodor Herzl begins the Zionist movement
    Zionism is promoted around the the ears of many audiences, as Theodor declares himself leader of the Zionist group, and rapidly gains popularity.
  • Jules Dies

    Jules Dies
    Jules Vernes dies in Amiens,
  • Jules 150th anniversary

    Jules 150th anniversary
    Duirng this time Jules Verne's works and himself as an author go through a change. He is written multiple articles, Ph.D.s, and books. Jules Verne is the most translated author of all time.
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