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Jon Bizzare Adventures

  • Mouth Bashed

    Mouth Bashed
    A very long time ago, I was about 5 years old and was playing in the front of my old house with an old friend at night. We always would play out on the sidewalk and draw with chalk while our parents watched us from the porch until one night that left he whole family in panic. While running the girl accidently trips me and I fall face first into the concrete. My mouth immediately started gushing blood and I began to loose conscious and passed out. I have no memory of what happened after.
  • Monkey Madness

    Monkey Madness
    It was around mid spring and it was a beautiful day to go to the park. My Mom and my Grandma took me to a nearby playground to mess around in while they talked and enjoyed the day. It was going fine till I thought I could take on the monkey bars. One by one I climbed across till I lost my grip in the middle and slipped off. I landed directly on my right arm and it broke into ways I cant even describe. Several pins where put in and I had to wear a cast for a long time. I hate monkey bars now.
  • Monster Mishap

    Monster Mishap
    Me and my dad always had a love for loud and destructive things. Rock music, video games, explosions and monster trucks. He had seen that monster truck show is coming up and ordered two tickets for me and him to go. The show was going great until one monster truck had gotten a little too cocky and flipped over onto its back. The force must have broken a gas pipe because soon the truck started to catch flames. Luckily no one was hurt and the show continued on.
  • Soccer Blitz

    Soccer Blitz
    Other than loud and explosive events, me and my dad enjoy soccer , although we have not gone to many games, there was one in particular that was special. We had gone to watch the Red Bulls before they became straight garbage. We sat down, the game started and not even 15 seconds in the Red Bulls had scored. It was mind blowing and I couldn't believe my eyes
  • A New Life

    A New Life
    It was time to finally move out of the rundown neighborhood to somewhere with more opportunities. We had found a nice house on the side of a lake and as been our home since. It was a big change from what life used to be and it was basically like a fresh start, although I didn't hate it because I ended up making lots of friends and memories.
  • Tornado Terror

    Tornado Terror
    It had already been around two years since we moved in and the nature around us were not in our favor. A nasty storm roared over head which caused insane wind speeds and rain, wind speeds fast enough to knock down trees. 2 trees that overlooked the house lost to the wind and landed directly in the house. We had to stay at a grandparents house for about 3 months while ours got repaired.
  • Tornado Terror pt 2.

    Tornado Terror pt 2.
    As if our luck couldn't get any better with this house, the very next year a nasty storm winded by and caused another nearby tree to fall. Thankfully this one just rolled and bumped off the house and didn't cause too much damage. All it did was just break the ac but that sucked since summer was just starting
  • Highschool

    Soon enough came the last year of middle school and the first year of highschool. It was a crazy change, back to the bottom and starting over again. Thankfully I had made a good amount of friends in middle school so I wasn't alone, everyone felt the same. Unfortunately, our first year was cut short due to a world spread sickness called covid. Schools shut down and we were forced to learn behind screens. Now i'm in my junior year and almost senior,the time passed in a blink.
  • On the road

    On the road
    My parents and I agreed that now is the time that I learn to drive. I studied in advance and was prepared to take the test. The day had come and I sat down and took the permit test. That is when I found out it was pointless I studied because all the questions are common sense. I got a 19/20 and passed my test, soon my permit which took way too long to come.
  • My first job

    My first job
    Around the same time I started to drive I believed it was time to get a job as well. A couple of my friends were working at a nearby McDonald's as well, so I signed up and got the job pretty easily. We worked there for about 2 or 3 months and things started to get dicey. We barely got any hours and the management was horrible and out of line. One by One we left and have been ratting around for our next job.