James Madison timeline

  • President

    James Madison becomes president
  • Period: to

    James Madison Presidency

    James Madison is elected
  • Trade with France and Britain

    Congress passed a law permitting direct trade with either France or Britain
  • U.S. Census- 7.2 million

  • Navy

    The house refuses to enlarge the navy
  • After War

    Patriotism was felt differently during and after the war
  • Period: to


    Both Louisiana and Indiana become states!
  • War

    Madison knew the war was inevitable and he told congress such is the spectacle of injuries and indignities which have been heaped on our country.
  • The War begins

    The War of 1812 begins but doesnt start off great!
  • War finances

    Congress authorizes borrowing 25 million dollars for war costs
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson attacks the creeks ( date not avabaible
  • Treaty

    Peace treaty signed
  • Battle of Burnt Corn

    This brings in the Creek Indians into the war

    British attack and burn the Capitol and the White House.
  • Low point for americans

    British capture Washington D.C.
  • Star Spangled Banner

    Our national Anthem is wrote!
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Jackson, leading 4,000 militiamen, citizens, and regular soldiers, wins a resounding victory over 6,000 British forces in the Battle of New Orleans.
  • Bill signed

    Madison re-charts a new national bank in Philadelphia
  • Henry Clay's bill

    Madison vetoes Henry Clay's " Bonus Bill "
  • Farwell Madison

    James Monroe becomes our 5th President
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson becomes president
  • National Anthem

    The Star Spangled Banner becomes our anthem