Italy Timeline

  • Napoleon Becoming Emperor

    Became the Emperor of the French and conquering most of Europe. He was defeated at Waterloo thought, and died several years later on the island of Saint Helena.
  • Victor Emmanuel ll Becoming King

    Victor Emmanuel II was king of Sardinia from 1849 to 1861, when he became king of a united Italy until his death in 1878. His support of the unification movement was vital to its success.
  • Cavor Unites Italy

    cavor was the prime minster of Piedmont-Sardinia and he went in and rained all this land for the king of sardinia and how he did this he used skillful diplomacy and wellchosen
    alliances he set about gaining control of northern Italy for Sardinia.
  • Garibaldi Brings Unity

    captured Sicily. In battle From Sicily, Garibaldi and his
    forces crossed to the Italian mainland
    and marched north Garibaldi agreed to unite the southern
    areas he had conquered with
    the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
  • Italy Taking of Parts of Land Governed By The Rome Pope

    the italy's took over a territory known as the Papal States now the city of Rome came under Italian control but still the pope of rome still governed a section of Rome known as Vatican City
  • France Declared War on Prussia

    French troops abandoned rome. This left the pope undefated so the french marched back in to complete the unification process. also now that rome was a great importance to Italians they made it there capital.This did not help things it might just have made it worst.