Israel Timeline

  • British White Paper

    Senator Harrry S. Truman inserts in the congressional record strong citicism of the British White Paper on Palestine.
  • Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry

    President Truman expresses his opposition and says he wants to await and consider the report of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry.
  • President Truman Writes

    President Truman writes that he thinks "that a national home for the jewish people should be established in Palestine.
  • Restraint and Tolerance

    President Truman writes that it is essential that restraint and tolerance be exercised by all parties..
  • Arab-Israeli War

    With the creation of Israel hostilites erupted immediately, culminating the Arab-Israeli War.
  • The Start of Israel

    Israel was created.
  • The Fighting Ends

    The Arab-Israeli War Ended.