Irene McCormack

  • Birth of Irene

    Birth of Irene
    On August 21, 1938 Irene McCormack was born in Kununoppin, WA
  • Period: to

    Irene McCormack

  • Josephites

    Irene enters into the Sisters of St Joseph
  • Becoming a Novice

    Becoming a Novice
    On the 6th of January 1957 Irene recieved her first vows as a novice into the order
  • First Vows

    Irene recieved her first vows
  • Final Vows

    Irene recieved her final vows on the 6th of January 1965
  • Graduation

    On the 16th of November Irene graduated from the University of Western Australia
  • Principal

    Irene became the Principal for 5 years
  • Teaching Years

    On the 19th of December 1985 Irene had her last day in the teaching industry after teaching for 30 years
  • Move to Huasahuasi

    Move to Huasahuasi
    Irene moves to Huasahuasi in the moutainous regions of Peru to help there.
  • 10 Years in Peru

    The Sisters of St Joseph celebrated 10 years in Peru on the 5th of April 1991
  • Death of Irene

    Death of Irene
    <a href='http://' On the 21st of May, 1991 Irene lost her life in Peru because of the Shining Path
  • Funeral

    A funeral was held for Irene and the other four victums of the shining path