Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

  • Submarine

    In 1620, Cornelius Drebbel invented the submarine. The first submarine was tested in England. During the first and second World War, submarines were used to sink the merchant shipping of the other side. Submarines were knwn to have torpedoes that would sink tonnage and take lives. This invention was needed during the first and second World War. Submarines changed society by coming up with a different way to attack in war and also giving us a way to see things underwater from a closer point.
  • Steam Engine

    Thomas Newcomen invented the steam engine in 1712 which was used to pump water out of mines. Thsi invention was so important beacause this meant miners could go deeper into mines and extract more coal. The steam engine was invented in England. The steam engine made life more efficient for miners making it easier and safer for them do to their job.
  • Spinning Jenny

    James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny in 1764 which aided in the spinning wheel. Instead of only being able to spin one ball of yarn or threard you could spin multiple ones.
  • Cotton Gin

    In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the Cotton gin which revolutionized the cotton industry in the US. The Cotton Gin removed the cottonseed from the cotton-fibers. This invention was needed because it used to take men hours to do it and hurt their hands. This invention changed society by making cotton a more pliable crop for the Southern US and it became a less expensive crop to plant and harvest.
  • Typewriter

    In 1808, Pellegrino Turri invented the typewriter. The typewriter was used to type letters, accounts, and other such documents. It was used to type more formal documents instead of having to hand-write them. The earliest typewriters were invented in Italy and Brazil. The typewriter changed society by opening a window to let small businesses into the media scene. It influenced the keyboard we used today and it also was the main tool for authors, editors, media personell.