History ms. morales

Inventions of The Industrial Revolution

By Duane
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    A cotton gin is a machine that easily separates the cotton from the seeds,
  • Steamboat

    It let us travel around on water while working on a boat.
  • Light Bulb

    Light Bulb
    Phonograph, Incandescant Light Bulb
  • Telegrah

    Communication system that transmitted electric signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message.
  • Sewing Machine

    Sewing Machine
    Improves and markets Howe's Sewing Machine to help you have better clthes than to look ragedy
  • Transatlantic Cable

    Transatlantic Cable
    The Transatlantic Cable went all over the atlantic ocean and communication between the two
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    Invented the electric motor with rotating magnetic field that made electric drives for machines feasible and made power transmission necessary.
  • First Airplane

    First Airplane
    It was created natural when the winds blows it helps the airplane become successful.