Industrial revolution

Innovations of the Industrial Revolution

  • Spinning Mule

    Spinning Mule
    It spins textile fibres into yarn by an intermittent process. The mule was the most common spinning machine from 1790 until about 1900 and was still used for fine yarns until the early 1980s
  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    The improved steam engine invented by James Watt and patented in 1775 was initially mainly used to power pumps for pumping water out of mines, but from the 1780s was applied to power other types of machines.
  • Iron Work, Puddling

    Iron Work, Puddling
    In the Iron industry, coke was finally applied to all stages of iron smelting, replacing charcoal. Patented by Henry Cort in 1783
  • First US Cotton Mill

    First US Cotton Mill
    Thomas Somers and the Cabot Brothers founded the Beverly Cotton Manufactory in 1787, the first cotton mill in America, the largest cotton mill of its era,[56] and a significant milestone in the research and development of cotton mills in the future.
  • Cottonmill worker visits Prichard, Al

    Cottonmill worker visits Prichard, Al
    I worked in the cotton mill and drove here from Tennessee to show her. It was like a walk down Memory Lane," said Bennie. The 99-year-old spent a year in Alabama working at a cotton mill in Prichard. He was 19 at the time. Bennie Woolam said he stopped at several places to try and find the old mill and his home, but no one knew where it was.