Industrial Revolution Timeline

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    Industrial Revolution

  • Water Frame invented by Samuel Slater

    Samuel Slater reinvented the Water Frame in America. Because he invented this, the mill industry was started.
  • Cotton Gin invented by Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney invented the cotton which led to a more efficient cotton industry. This also led to a cotton boom and increased the demand for slavery in the South.
  • Interchangeable parts invented by Eli Whitney

    Eli Whitney not only invented the Cotton Gin, but he also invented the idea of interchangeable parts. This made machines easier to assemble and repair and made the industry more profitable.
  • Steamboat invented by Robert Fulton

    The steamboat was invented by Robert Fulton in 1807. This allowed goods to be moved more easily and increased trade and profits.
  • Locomotive (in America) invented by Peter Cooper

    The locomotive invented by Peter Cooper increased speed of transportation and travel. It also led to an economic boom and increased westward expansion.
  • Harvesting Machine Reaper invented by Cyrus McCormick

    The Harvesting Machine Reaper increased wheat production because it cut quickly and effectively. This caused some of the beginings of advertising market.
  • Telegraph invented by Samuel F. B. Morse

    The telegraph made communication easier for others.
  • Steel Plow invented by John Deere

    John Deere invented the steel plow to make farming easier, which is exactly what it did.
  • Sewing Machine invented by Isaac Singer

    The sewing machine made clothing production more efficient.