industrial revolution

  • Robert Fulton

    He invented the first boats to be completely powered by steam. Goods could be shipped faster and father than before. He was born on November 14, 1765 in Little Britain, Pennsylvania. Died on Febraury 24, 1815. Was an American Engineer and inventor. The reason for the invention is to travel on water and get to a place faster than by foot. The invention impacted America by now shippping was possible and traveling by water. An innovation to the original invention is a submarine and a boat.
  • Eli whitney

    He was born in Westborough, Massachusetts. He invented the cotton gin. One man can clean 10 times as much cotton now. Cotton Gin is short for cotton Engine. It impacted America by cotton became a profitable crop. He died on January 8, 1825. An innovation to the original invention is the cotton engine.
  • Samuel slater

    Father of the Industrial Revolution. In 1789, Samuel memorized the British spinnng machines. He designed the first textile mills. He was born in Belper, Derbyshire, England June 9, 1768. It impacted America by he made the textile factory. An innovation to the original invention is a power mill.
  • Industrial Revolution

    Great Britain began inventing new machines and technology.
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    Industrial Revolution

  • Samuel Morse

    He invented a telegraph machine that used a series of dots and lines to send coded messages along rivers. Founder of the Morse code. He was a good painter to. Samuel was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts and died on April 2, 1872. The invention impacted America by other people were able to communicate from long distance now. An innovation to the original invention is telephones and cellphones. The original invention and the innovation are related because you talk through lines still.
  • John Deere

    He was born in Rutland, Vermont. He was a Blacksmith before inventing the Steel-Plow. The steel-plow was invented to help farmers make holes faster and not clean it frequently like the wooden plows. An innovation of the original invention is the tractor. He died in 1886. It impacted America by now farmers can make holes faster now.