Industrial Revolution

By vinnovs
  • Ely Whittney invents the cotton gin

    A machine that makes harvesting cotton easier, it was invented in Gerogia. It seperated the seed from the cotton fiber. The cotton gin greatly increased production of cotton. An increase of cotton production led to an increase demand for slaves.
  • Invention of the Mechanical Reaper

    Invented by Robert and Cyrus McCormick in Virginia. The reaper cuts and gathers the crops. The invention was needed to help increase production and reduce labor. The reaper didn't have a big impact because it lacked a good cutting mechinism.
  • Telegraph

    Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber built the first electromagnetic telegraph. It consisted of a coil that moves up and down by two magnetic bars. It was invented in Germany. The Telegraph improved communication between people.
  • Light Bulbs

    The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison. The light bulb produces light by running an electrical current through a metal filament, heating it up to produce light. The invention was needed to creat light so people can see at night and it is less dangerous than oil lamps and candles. This led to less house fires.