Industrial Revolution

  • Thomas Newcomen makes first steam engine

    Thomas Newcomen makes first steam engine
    Steam Engine drives a RevolutionIn 1712, Thomas Newcomen makes the first successful atmospheric steam engine. This was also the first significant source other than wind and water. The inventor Thomas Savery was researching the technology before Newcomen began his experiments, Savery’s research inspired Newcomen to make a successful and useful steam engine.
  • Benjamin Franklin invents the Lighting Rod

    Benjamin Franklin invents the Lighting Rod
    In 1752, Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod. The lightning rod was a tall rod attached to the outside of a house. One end of the rod points up into the sky; the other end is connected to a cable, which stretches down the side of the house to the ground. The end of the cable is then buried at least ten feet underground. The rod attracts the lightning and sends the charge into the ground, which helps to decrease the amount of fire
  • David Bushnell invents a submarine

    David Bushnell invents a submarine
    In 1776, David Bushnell invented and created the first submarine. he was a Yale graduate. he created the one man vessel to give the Americans a secret weapon.
  • Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin
    In 1793, Eli Whitney created the cotton gin, a device used to clean raw cotton from fields. Before the cotton gin was created farming cotton required hundreds of man-hours to separate the cottonseed from raw cotton fibers. Whitney's invention speed up the seed separation process. His machine could generate up to fifty pounds of cleaned cotton daily, making cotton production profitable for the southern states.
  • Robert Fulton makes first successful steamboat

    Robert Fulton makes first successful steamboat
    In 1808, Robert Fulton made the first successful steamboat. Even though Fulton, did not invent the steamboat he made it a reality by making it . The steamboat was an important part of the industrial revolution because it transported raw materials and finished goods quickly.
  • Samuel Morse invents telegraph

    Samuel Morse invents telegraph
    telegraph and telephone video In 1837, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.A telegraph is a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire, creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection.
  • Elias Howe invents sewing machine

    Elias Howe invents sewing machine
    . In 1846, Elias Howe invented a sewing machine.Eight years later, Elias Howe demonstrated his machine to the public. At 250 stitches a minute, his lockstitch mechanism outstitched the output of five hand sewers with a reputation for speed. Elias Howe patented his lockstitch sewing machine on September 10, 1846 in New Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Period: to

    The U.S Civil War

    A major part of the Industrial Revolution was the most devastating war in U.S history known as the Civil War! This war would be fought between the Union, and the Confederate! The war would end when Abraham Lincoln was assasinatedon April 14, 1865!
  • Alexander Graham Bell invents the Telephone!

    Alexander Graham Bell invents the Telephone!
    Alexander Graham Bell made the world's first telephone! The telephone has become a vaulable asset in daily communication ever since the day it was intented!
  • Thomas Edison invents the first electric lamp

    Thomas EdisonThomas Edison invented the first commercially incandescent lamp. Edison recieved U.S. Patent 223,898 for his incandescent lamp in 1880. Incandescent lamps are still in regularly use in our homes, today. Thomas edison didnt exactly invent the first lamp but rather improve on a 50 year idea.
  • Karl Benz creates the first automobile

    Karl Benz creates the first automobile
    In 1885,Karl Benz began his work on a two-stroke engine, designed his engine and the body for the three-wheel vehicle with an electric ignition. In july of 1886 Benz began to sell them to the public.
  • Wright Brothers make first flight

    Wright Brothers make first flight
    In 1903, the Wright Brothers had there flight that lasted along the North Carolina beach side. They were always interested in flight in 1902 the brothers made a beach glider that made 700 flights.
  • Benjamin Holt invents a tractor

    Benjamin Holt made a way to help farmers whose heavy equipment sank in soft, muddy soil. Finding wheels very ineffective, Holt designed a tractor with tracks to even out the weight, providing better traction. In 1904, Holt produced the first practical track-type tractor known as the “Caterpillar” and brought it up to the public.