Industrail revolution timeline

  • Texttile mill

    Inventor- samuel slater
    Date- 1793
    Effects- started mill industry
  • Cottin gin

    Inventor- eli whitney
    Effects- Revolutionized cotton industry, led to cotton boom, and increased demand of slavery in the south
  • Interchangeable parts

    Inventor- eli whitney
    Effects- made machines easier to assemble and repair, and made industry more profitable
  • steam boat

    Inventor- robert fulton
    Effects- allowed goods to be moved more easily, and increased trade and profits
  • Locomotive

    Inventor- peter cooper
    Effects- increased speed of transportation and travel. Led to an ecomic boom and increased westward expanison
  • Havesting machine reaper

    Inventor- cyrus mcormick
    Effects- increased wheat production beacsue it could be cut quickly and effectively. Beginning of advertising market
  • Steel plow

    Inventor- samuel F. B. morse
    Effects- Made communication easier
  • steel plow

    Inventor- john deere
    Effects- made farming easier
  • sewing machine

    Inventor- issac singer
    Effects- made clothing production more efficient