Important Russian Events

  • Alexander l

    Alexander l
    The year Alexander l took the throne, but was liberal about things.
  • Period: to

    important Russian Events

  • Napolean invasion of Russia

    When Napoleon invaded Russia, Alexander backed away from the reform.
  • Alexander l Death

    Alexander l Death
    After he died, a group of army officers led a revolt called the Decembrist Revolt.
  • Nicholas l

    Nicholas l
    As the new czar, he ended the Decembrist Revolt
  • Trying to make a change

    Nicholas l tried to modernize Russia as in trying to issue a new law and making new changes to the economic. But those changes would get the Russian nobles mad. However, before his death he handed over the power to his son.
  • New King

    New King
    Alexander ll became king after the Crimean War. This war broke out because Russia tried to give Ottoman's land along the Danube.
  • New reforms for Alexander ll

    After all of the reforms given to Alexander ll, he finally excepted them and issued a royal decree that needs emancipation.
  • Reforms weren't successful

    Reforms weren't successfully done therefore, radicals were mad and peasants were not happy. The people plotted for murder, the first one failed but the second attempt hit Alexander's carriage.
  • Alexander lll

    Alexander lll
    Alexander lll was Alexander ll son, so after his death he decided to wipe out liberals and revolutionaries, he inforced the power of the secret police and exiled critics to Siberia.
  • Alexander ll and Nicholas ll

    Russia became a part of the industrial time with the help of Alexander lll and Nicholas ll
  • Russia humilated

    Russia and Japan broke out into a war which became humilating defeats after another.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    The Czar had left the palace and sent soliders to fight this war. Until gun shots were fired, wounding hundreds and killing thousands of people. this was a betrayal from the czar to the people. they lost trust and faith in him.
  • Revolution of 1905

    The aftermath of Bloody Sunday caused peasants in the countryside to revolt and want land, workers were taking over local government. Therefore, Nicholas agreed that he would give the people "freedom of speech, person, assembly, union, etc,." but thr Duma has to confirm