• European trade with Africa becomes well established

    European trade with Africa allowed the Europeans to see how valuble Africa's resources were and how they could exploit them.
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    Imperialism Timeline

  • The East India Company collapses due to Sepoy Rebellion and the British Raj begins

    The British Raj would create numerous problems for India but it also helped bring them into the modern world and greatly improved their infrastructure.
  • Suez Canal links the Mediterranean and Red Seas

    The linking of the Suez Canal was a huge step for trade and would turn a huge profit for many countries.
  • Berlin Conference convenes to discuss terms for African colonization

    The Berlin Conference would alter Africa forever. The European officials that attended this meaning would carve up Africa without any regard to the people living there. Numerous problems are created because of this and as a result, thousands of people will end up dying.
  • Queen Liliuokalani takes the throne of Hawaii

    When Queen Liliuokalani took the throne, she tried to increase her power and decrease the power of wealthy planters. This would lead to her being overthrown and the end of the Hawaiin monarchy.
  • Ethiopians defeat the invading Italians at the Battle of Adwa

    The defeat of the Italians at the Battle of Adwa helped ensure Ethiopia's freedom from colonists.
  • Spanish-American War breaks out. As a result… Puerto Rico, Spain, and the Philippines are taken from Spain

    Obtaining these colonies sparked debates about imperialism in the United States.
  • Boer War in South Africa

    The Boer War was fought between dutch farmers living in Southern Africa and the British. The Boers would use guerrilla tactics in this war.
  • Most of Africa is under European control

    African rule changes Africa forever in both negative and positive ways.