Immugration to the west

  • origin

    My name is Montecour and i am from Poland
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    Immigration timeline

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    Immigration to the west

  • reason for leaving my country

    I left my homeland because there was nothing there left for me, no jobs, no money, no family, therefore, no way to survive. But the only thing that is making me want to stay is that fact that i grew up in Poland and it is the reason that i know everytihng i know today.
  • why i moved west

    I moved west because there were promises of riches and many jobs, and my family now lives hear so i can be with them, but i am worried about lving hear because if i dont make it financially i do not know how i am going to survive.
  • farmers

    When the i was serching for a job i was kindly invited to work with famrmers which also welcomed many other Poles, we associated with the farmer which helped us to get a good start to our life in America.
  • help from the Catholic church

    The Chatholic church is helping us new immigrant tremendously by giving us food and a little shelter if needed.
  • jobs and schools

    i found myself a job as in a chicken plucking factory and recently we have made a school for polish people which my necie and nephew are both attending currently.
  • Chatholic churches

    One issue the many Poles and i ran into were our freedom to choose what religion we want to practice and keep to oursleves with America changing it in any way.
  • polish people are fitting into America

    My Polsih communtiy and i are finnaly feeling that we belong here in America, even labor unions were organized for us.