Immigration Timeline

  • Birthdate

  • Leave for the United States

  • Arriving at Ellis Island

    Arriving at Ellis Island
    Arrived at Ellis Island near New York City and I am very exited to come to the United States.
    I went straight to Chicago, IL for a job in the meat industry. The meat industry was then temporally shut down due to health concerns but I had enough money to move west.
  • Moving West

    Moving West
    After many years, I now have a wife and three kids of my own. Our journey west began today. We plan to move to Oklahoma and start a ranch. We will own many acres of land with cattle. I have finally begun my life long dream of being a cowboy.
  • Building the Statue Of Liberty

    Building the Statue Of Liberty
    We are desperate for money and do not have enough to run the ranch. I hear there is a humongous statue going up in New York Harbor. I am planning to leave tomorrow morning for New York. I should be able to make enough money to run the ranch for a while longer.
  • Statue Of Liberty Finished

    Statue Of Liberty Finished
    The statue is finally finished! With a lot of hard work and effort, I have made enough money to go back home and work on the ranch. I cannot wait to see my family and friends again.
  • WWI and Oklahoma State

    WWI and Oklahoma State
    WWI is raging in Europe. The U.S. has not yet been involved, but will plan to help Great Brittan in the war. Our home state, Oklahoma (where we live) has declared itself as a state. It is the last territory in the continental U.S. to become a state.