Imani's Russian Revolution Project

Timeline created by manii27
  • Czar Nicolas II

    Czar Nicolas II
    Nicolas II was the last Russian Emperor,He ascended the throne after the death of his father on October 20, 1894. Nicolas had little experience about ruling when he took over Russia , he brought Russia into an unstable position. He soon joined the World War .
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    This war consisted of the Great Powers and was risen by several causes.Czar Nicholas II dragged 11 million peasants into World War I, knowing that Russia was more than unprepared and unstable to be in this war. Russia had poor equipment(guns and machinery) and troops. Russia lost almost 4 million soldiers in World War I , Czar Nicholas II was soon overthrown.
  • Vladimir Lenin

    Vladimir Lenin
    As the Czar was over thrown, Vladimir Lenin began taking over. He established the first communist government in Russia called the “Bolsheviks Party” , these group of people were all Communist and wanted everyone in Russia to be so as well. This disappointed the people of Russia once again , they felt the need to rebel. The Bolsheviks took over during the October Revolution of 1917.
  • The October Revolution

    The October Revolution
    The October Revolution was a very important event, brought about by a small group of people. The Bolsheviks, who led this coup, prepared their coup in only six months. They were generally viewed as an extremist group and had very little popular support when they began serious efforts in April 1917. By October, the Bolsheviks’ popular base was much larger; though still a minority within the country as a whole, they had built up a majority of support within Petrograd and other urban centers.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    The Civil War began because of the Bolsheviks lack of care for other Russians who weren't on there side or weren't communist. This war consisted of the Red army and the White army,the Reds stood for the Communist and the whites stood for all the other diverse people of Russia or the non -Communist.This war lasted for about 6 years , the Red army won.
  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin
    Lenin’s died on January 21st, 1924 and a power struggle began to happen between Trotsky and Stalin, Trotsky was obviously the best choice but with Stalin’s connections he found a way to take power and over rule Trotsky; leading the USSR (soviet union) through a large-scale industrialization program. Stalin established a planned economy and suppressed political opposition to him and the Communist party basically continuing what Lenin left off.
  • Stalin’s 5 year plan

    Stalin’s 5 year plan
    Like most Communist , Stalin had a five year plan in which his main goal was to modernize and expand Russia.He interfered with existing industries, established new ones, and relocated those in the west further to the east, so that they would be more secure and protected by the vast amounts of land if Russia were to be attacked by the West. He also produced a rapid agricultural production through economic collectivism ( collectivization). However, this lead Russia to widespread famine, political
  • The Great Purge

    The Great Purge
    The Great Purge was created by Joseph Stalin and was basically a way of increasing his powers. He got rid of all possible enemies or people that new his past and/or to much about him that would harm him and his power, the event to trigger the “purges” was the murder of Kirov this was a warning for others after this about 20 million were purged. This lasted for about 3 years.