history project

  • Inventor/ Born

    Robert Fulton. Born Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Invented the steam boat.
  • Inventor/Born

    Eli Whitney. Born in westboro Massachusetts
    invted the cotton gin
  • Inventor/ Born

    Samuel Slater. born in Derbyshire, England
    Invented the facotry system
  • factory system

    a factory system of txtile mill.
  • reason for factory system

    it helped families get money but women and girls worked all day long.
  • inventor

    Samuel Morse. Born in Charlestown, Mass
    invented the telegraph
  • cotton gin

    to clean cotton faster and to remove seeds.
  • reason for cotton gin

    to able to help seperate the seeds and make less work for women
  • steam boat

    it is a boat to travel on water by steam.
  • reason for steam boat

    it hepled people transport to other places on water. also it carried goods.
  • Inventor/ Born

    John Deere. Born in Rutland Vermot
    invented the steel plow
  • Death

    Robert Fulton
  • Death

    Eli Whitney
  • Death

    Samuel slater
  • Steem plow

    It makes it to plant crops much faster.
  • reason for steel plow

    remives dirt in one lane and be able to plant seeds to plant.
  • telegraph

    to send messages to other places by using wire and coded mmessages.
  • reson for telegraph

    reason for the telegraph is to send messages to other cities
  • Death

    Samuel Morse
  • Death

    John Deere.