history of healthcare

Timeline created by kennedy_d
  • 420

    Hippocratic Oath was created

    it teaches the secrets of medicine to the next generation.
  • 1300

    Fist eyeglasses invented

    It happened in Italy.
  • Rene Laennec invents the stethoscope

    The stethoscope was invented in Spain.
  • First painless surgery with general anesthetic

    He was the first in the world to publicly perform this surgery without pain.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell is th first woman to gain a medical degree

    Her occupation was a British Physician.
  • First Rubber condom

    They have been made from a variety of materials.
  • First practical medical thermometer used to take the temperature of a patient

    It was portable, 6 inches in length, and able to record a patients temperature in 5 minutes
  • William conrad Rontgen discovers medical use of X- rays in medical imaging

    The iconic image clearly showed the bones of her hands and the wedding ring.
  • Willem Einthoven discovers electrocardiography

    He received a Nobel Prize for discovering electrocardiography
  • Aspirin is invented in Germany.

    He used acetylsalicylic acid to heal his father.
  • Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin

    Alexander Fleming was scottish
  • First commercial ultrasound

    It occured in Glasgow by Ian Donald.
  • Invention of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)

    3 physicians- Dr. Kouwenhoven, Dr. Safar, and Dr. Jude all came together and were the first doctors to combine 2 components to create CPR.
  • Christian Barnard performs the first human heart transplant

    This is the first heart transplant that the patient was able to gain consciousness.
  • Laurent Lantieri performs the first full face transplant.

    The operation was being held because the women had her face ripped apart by her pet dog.
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to gain a medical degree

    Her occupation was a British Physician.