History of Health Care

  • 460

    Father of medicine: Hippocrates

  • Oct 1, 1469

    Da Vinci painted human body disecctions

  • William Harvey Described the circulation of blood to and from the heart

  • First Mercury Thermometer invented

  • Smallpox vaccine developed

  • Founder of modern nursing

    fForence Nightengale
  • Gregory Mendel established the patterns of heredity

  • Louis Pasteur began pasturizing milk to kill the bacteria

  • Joseph Lister began using disinfectants during surgery

  • American Red Cross founded

  • X-Rays discovered

  • Marie Curie isolated Radium 1910

  • Public Health and Sanitation systems started

  • The Great pandemic

  • End of World War 1

  • Penicillin discovered

  • Polio Vaccine developed