History of Europe

  • 476

    The spead of Chistianity

    The last Roman in the West, Romulus Augusts, was deposed by the Foedertai Chieftain, Odoacer.Clovis I becomes the ruler of the Salian Franks at the age of 13 after the death of his father.The Romano-British began to fight off the invasions of the Germanic Saxons. This period spawned the tales of King Author, who may or may not have existed.Cerdic becomes the first king of Wessex.Justinian marries Theodora. The Angles settle in NE England in an area called Bernica.Justinian I becomes the Emperor
  • 572

    The Dark Ages

    Fire devastates constantinple, May-Earthquake strikes Constantinople,The Avars advance from the Danube to the walls of Constantinople.The Lombards,Avars, Slavs and visigoths all win military victories over the Byzantine Empire and gain territory at their expense.Constantine Kernyw convert to Christianity.Dumnoia is the Southwestern most peninsula of Britain.The Lombards convert to Christianity.The plague reaches rome, killing Pope PelagivaII.
  • Jan 30, 661

    Muslim Expansion

    Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib is assassinated;with his assassination the Rashidun Caliphate ends and Muawiyah I founds the Umayyed caliphate.Battle of Two Rivers:King Ecgfrith of Northumbia defeats the Picts.The first Arab siege of Constantinople begins. Frithuwould of Surrey is baptised and so is his son;Surrey becomes Christian. Arabs raid Crete.Paolo Lucio Anafesto is elected the first Doge of Venice.Umayyed troops invade Arrenia and secure submission of Smbat VI Bagratuni.
  • Jan 30, 753


    widukind and many other Saxons are baotized.The Second Council of Nicaea ends the first ivonoclastiv period in the Byzabtine Empire.Charlemagne conquers Bavaria.The Avars invade Europe again,but are defeated by Charlemagne.Vikings sack the monastery of Lindisfarne,Northumbria,their first major viking attack in England.In the earliest recording Viking raid on Ireland, they attack lona,Inisbofin and Inismurray.
  • Feb 5, 1029

    The Conqueror

    The Moorish Caliphate of Cordoba collapses.Byzantine general George Mainaces captures Edessa.George Maniaces begins a campaign against the Arabs in sicily.The Seljuk Turks capture Baghdad.The Normans conquer Palermo in Sicily.Knights Templar founded by Hugh de Payns.The white ship is wrecked in the English Channel,resulting in the death of the son of King Henry l of England.
  • Feb 5, 1121

    Gothic Architecture

    Anna Comnera writes the Alexiad,which is a biography of her father, Emperor Alexius l. The earliest textual reference is made to Gypsies working as musicians in Constantinople.Frederick l Barbarossa is crowned Holy Roman Emperor.Pope Eugene lll issues the bull Quantum praedecessores,calling for the Second Crusade.The Crusade reaches Jerusalem.The Siege of Damascus ends in failure.
  • Feb 5, 1213

    The Mangna Carta

    The Mongols first invade the Abbasid Caliphate;Bukhara and Samarkeand are taken.The Inquistion is established.Pope lnnovent lV sends Giovanni da Pian del Carpine to the Mongol court, suggesting that the Mongols convert to Christianity.The scottish armies of Andrew Moray and William Wallace dafeat the English.
  • Vikings in America

    The Moors lose Madrid to the Kingdom of Leon.King Edmund l of Endland takes Northumbia from the Vikings.Olga of Kiev converts to the Eastern Orthodox Church from paganism beliefs.A Byzantine army under Nikephoros Phokad captures and plunder Aleppo.Mieszko l, the first duke of Poland,is baptized a Christian.The Pechenegs begin the Siege of Kiev.
  • Fury of the Novsemen

    Paris is sacked by Viking raiders,probably under Ragnar Lodbrok,who collect a huge ranom in exchange for leaving.First siege of Constantinople by the Rus.Rurik gains contorl of Novgorod.Oleg leads the Kievan Rus' in a campaign against Constantinople.With the establishment of the Althing, now one of the world's oldest parliaments,the Icelandic Commonwealth is founded.Cordoda, capital of Al-Andalus,becomes the largest city of the world,taking the lead from Baghdad,capital of Abbasid caliph Ar-Rad.