History 1

  • 337

    Death of Constantine

    Constantine dies after a life time of spreading Christianity. He was converted in 312 and became a big patron of the church. He is sometimes credited with the spread of the religion since he was the first Christian emporer.
  • Dec 13, 600

    Vaccume of Power

    Marked by the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe becomes a warriors world. Monks and Priests travel the world to convert the "Pagans".
  • Apr 4, 1050

    End of an Era

    Heian period comes to an end. It was well known for stories, art and foreign influences.
  • Oct 25, 1174

    Countess Marie's Address

    Marie of Champagne declares love is something that can not be forced between two people.
  • Sep 8, 1185

    End of an Era

    This date marks the end of the Japanese Classical Era, which gave rise to the arts. They were heavily influenced by Chinese culture including religously and through literature.
  • Nov 13, 1200

    Autobiography of Von Liechtenstein

    The autobiography of Ulrich Von Liechtenshtein was written now, and tells us much about love in that time.
  • Mar 17, 1230

    Mandinka Empire Founder

    Mandinka Empire formed out of a federation of the Mandinka tribes.
  • Dec 15, 1249

    Mumluks take charge

    After the death of the Egyption ruler the Mumluk slaves take control of the government. Their previous ruler was killed during the Crusades by the Europeans. They were eventually defeated by the Ottoman Empire in 1517.
  • Mar 8, 1295

    Marco Polo Returns

    Marco Polo returns from the Mongolian Empire after spending two decades abroad.
  • Oct 20, 1320

    Plague Begins

    The plague originates in Chine in the 1320's. There were 3 forms of the plague: bubonic, pneumonic and septicaemic.
  • Oct 20, 1337

    Mansa Musa Returns!

    Mansa Musa returns from Mecca bringing Muslim scholars and architecs, and goes on to build five Mosques.
  • Jul 30, 1347

    Plague Arrives in Italy

    Ships of sick and dying (from the plague) arrive in Italy.
  • Sep 20, 1348

    False Confession

    Severe Jews are forced to falsely to confess to causeing the plague. This cause a massacre of Jewish throughout Europe.
  • Oct 20, 1400

    Population Decline

    Worlds popultion has fallen from 450 million to 350 million due to the plague.
  • Oct 25, 1405

    Zheng He's Military

    Zheng He is promoted to the rank of a military leader in order to trade. His ships were huge, with many people on them.
  • Jun 4, 1427

    Aztec Empire formed

    Aztec Empire is formed through an alliance between the citystates Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and Tlacopan
  • Aug 1, 1448

    Africans in Portugal

    Over 1,000 Africans have been imported to Portugal for slavery. The number increases by 800-900 slaves each following year.
  • Dec 15, 1492

    Transatlantic slavery begins

    African slaves are now brought to the new world in order to cultivate crops. Europeans tried to justify this by dehumanizing these slaves. They go on to ship 10 mil slaves by the time it is over.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Diaz enters Tenochtitlan (Mexico)

    While there he is impressed with the skills of the workers of the city while he visited. This is what leads him to believe there is a lot of gold in the empire.
  • Dec 13, 1551

    Post Classic Period ends in Mayan Society

    The Mayans begin to become conquered by the Spanish. This leads to the down fall of the country and leads to the locals living in mountainous areas.
  • Royal Charter Founded

    Queen Elizabeth founds the Royal Charter to compete with the Dutch Indian Company for spice trading.
  • Tokogawa Shogunate begins

    During this period many Japanese foods we curantly know are created. Originally they only ate rise, soups, and a few sides. One of their utensils was a knife made with the soame kind of material as a samurai's sword.
  • London Mobs

    Mobs of the poor urban riot in London due to poor pay and bad conditions.
  • Law of Ordinances Martial

    Creates death penelty for refusing to join the Navy. This was to strengthen the Navy for fear of other countries.
  • First Coffee House

    The first coffe house opens in England. This establishment replaced beer for English businessmen with coffee. The middle class began yo meet at coffee houses the new paper.
  • Naval Discipline Act

    Gave death penelty for deserting the Navy. High profile executions to discourage desertion.
  • Birth of a King

    Rigveda is born and grows to become a great king. He is believed to have created the Mayan caste system. Their system placed the priests at the top, and outcasts at the bottom.
  • Dutch arrive at Easter Island

    This was the first contact the natives had with humans from the outside world.
  • Battle of Plassey

    Battle of Plassey takes place led by General Robert Clive, with the help of Mir Jafar. The treachery of Mir Jafar is remembered in Bengel even today.
  • Zong Massacre

    The ship named Zong left the port in Liverpool. The captain of the ship goes on to throw all of the slaves off the ships, in order to get have enough food for the the crew. He tries to claim insurance for the lost cargo, but is denied for not taking care of his cargo.
  • Sushi is made

    Cooks first combine balls or rice with fresh fish, to create the first sushi. Different fish are used to make these different kinds of sushi, including puffer fish, and eel.
  • Leif Erikkson is Born

    He goes on to establish settlement in Newfoundland, 500 years before Columbus. He is credited to be the first European man to discover the New World.
  • Charlemagne is Born!

    King Charlemagne is born and goes on to spread christianity and convert "Pagans". He was known as "King of the Franks", and controlled much of western Europe.