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Highlights of Dead End

  • Dead End forms

    Dead End forms
    The band began with their first practice upstairs in a random house. Being that it was two ays before Christmas, nobody knew if they would be a serious band or if it would just be some joke like many from the Howell, NJ area tend to be.
  • First Show

    First Show
    The first performance by the band. This took place at a now closed restaurant known as the Local Shack. This was the first round of a contest to play a show at First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ home of the Lakewood Blueclaws baseball team. The band wound up winning the first round and the contest all together. The Local Shack was a place foucsed on giving coverage to local bands and to give them a place to always play.
  • First Energy Park Gig

    First Energy Park Gig
    The band as stated earlier, won the contest. As a result, we played at First Energy Park before a game to a crowd of over two-hundred people. It resulted in bigger publicity, and a sponsorship by a graphic company known as RFTS Graphics. It was the first in a series of great things for the band.
  • First Stone Pony show

    First Stone Pony show
    Our first show at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park
  • The Break Contest final round

    The Break Contest final round
    We worked extremely hard to make it to the final round and we await to find out if we will be one of the bands playing at the bamboozle festival. We made it in!

    The biggest gig ever played by the band. A night to remember.
  • Our first gig in over a year

    Our first gig in over a year
    In 2012, the band got back together after breaking up for a short time. The reunion gig at the Stone Pony brought us closer together.
  • Last Show

    Last Show
    We played our final show as a band. It was fun while it lasted.