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Heroes Timeline

  • Heroes Free Write

    We answered general questions about the heroes in our lives.
  • Subway Samaritan

    Subway Samaritan
    We watched a David Letterman interview on Wesley Autrey who saved a person from getting run over by a subway train.
  • Why Courage Matters By John McCain

    Why Courage Matters By John McCain
    We listened to Ms. Allen read a passage about the heroism of a military hero named Roy Benavidez from John McCain's book called "Why Courage Matters" .
  • Kristi Quillen Interview

    Kristi Quillen Interview
    We watched Ms. Allen and Ms. Simmons interview a Peace Corps volunteer named Kristi Quillen, who is stationed in Costa Rica.
  • Hero's Journey Assignment

    Hero's Journey Assignment
    We discussed our hero projects and I decided to write about a hero from India.
  • Subject Chosen

    Subject Chosen
    I talked with my father about different Indian heroes and narrowed my list down to two: Kapil Dev, and Sachin Tendulkar, both being cricket players (a sport of choice in the Indian world). In the end I chose Sachin for he is the one who led India to their first World Cup in years, is regarded as a hero by all Indians, and is a household name in all Indian homes.
  • Bought Book

    Bought Book
    I ordered the Biography, Sachin by Gulu Ezekiel from the Barnes and Nobles website.
  • Change the World Powerpoint

    We saw modern day examples of heroes in our everyday lives. I thought the insurance commercial and the Badly Drawn Boy's song were particularly heroic in their messages as they seemed to fit my definition of what a hero is.
  • First Post Completed

    First Post Completed
    The real work of my project began. I wrote a paragraph about why and how I chose Sachin Tendulkar as my hero and posted it to Posterous.
  • In Class Activity

    In class we listed books to help remind us of all the heroes we have read about. This reminded me of such novels as Harry Potter, Les MIserables, and To Kill A Mockingbird, and how their seperate heroes inspired me.
  • Second Post Completed

    Second Post Completed
    I finished my second post on Heroes in Literature and posted it to Posterous.
  • First Chapter Monday

    We listened to passages from different people's books in order to further understand that everyone's definition of a hero is different.
  • Who Should I Interview?

    I speak with my dad about who I should interview and he giddily states that using his "contacts" he will try to get Sachin Tendulkar himself for me to interview. I tell him that that is highly improbable but he just says that if Sachin doesn't accept, I can interview one of Sachin's teammates on the Indian World Team who was once my uncle's classmate and friend.