Hero project timeline

Timeline created by Sarahramirez
  • First day of the project

    In class, Mrs. Allen asked us to write some questions about who our heros were.
  • Subway Hero

    In class, we watched the "Subway hero" video about a man that saved another man from getting destoryed by a subway. We then discussed the meaning of a hero and what the word "hero" meant to us.
  • Roy Benevides

    In class, we read "Why Courage Matters" by John McCain. Mrs Allen read some stories out loud to the class and we watched a short video clip on the hero Roy Benevides who was a millitary war hero.
  • Peace core volunteer

    Today we watched a video about the peace core volunteer Kristi Quillen. She was a very inspiring person, and i loved how she was happy with what she does. I loved her personality also and how she gave us informing answers.
  • Talking with my parents

    Talking with my parents
    i sat down and talked to my parents about who my hero should be. They said someone that inspires me and an interesting person. I chose amelia earhart because shes very mysterious and ambitious.
  • "change the world"

    "change the world"
    The change the world powerpoint was a big turning point for me, it showed me different perspectives of what a hero really is. John Mayer portrayed the different sifr of society, the one that "sits around and waits for the world to change."
  • Who i should interview

    Who i should interview
    I sat my parents down and asked them who i should interview. They suggested that i go to the airport and interview a flight attendant or even request to interviee a piliot.
  • Heros in Literature quiz

    Heros in Literature quiz
    We had a post due about heros in literature, i enjoyed writing this blog, i brought up many characters such as atticus,winnie the pooh, and elizabeth Bennett.
  • Sharing something from your biographies

    Today we had to get up in front of the class and share a passage from the book were reading, i chose a passage about amelia's ambitions and dreams.
  • Final Day

    I rapped up my findings in my timetoast, i really am enjoying reading my book and learning about my new hero amelia earhart. Shes a very inspring person and i cant wait to continue learning more and more about her.