Gunnar & Brooke's technology presentation~ The 70's

By GE3009
  • Floppy Disk

    In this year, the floppy disk was invented by Alan Shugart. They became commercially available in 1971. They can store data from computers and other devices.
  • Cassette Tapes

    The Compact Cassette was used for many different reasons. You could use it in a recorder to record your voice or for your answering machine. You could also buy tapes with music on them.
  • VCR/Video Cassette

    They are used to watch video tapes of movies on. You could always record tv shows on them too. They have been replaced with DVDs now.
  • Microprocessor

    The microprocessor was a chip used for computers. It helped them run more complex. It is still used to this day.
  • Email

    We all know what email is now but it wasn't so big back then. It was basically the same thing but not as advanced. Most people didn't have computers back then, anyway.
  • Word Processor

    The word processor is a computer application for typing. The first word processors weren't very advanced. They were mostly used on electronic typewriters.
  • Pong

    Pong was one of the first successful video games. It portrays a tennis match bouncing a ball back and forth. It was played using knobs turned between two players.
  • Liquid Crystal Display/LCD

    LCD is a display that is used on video formats and watches. They display lighter vision to see like on a television. On alarm clocks you can see the time digitally.
  • Voicemail

    Voicemail is used to record your voice for missed callers to hear. It is used for when people call a phone and nobody answers. When the owner is present they can check their voicemail then to see who called.
  • Laser Printer

    The laser printer is an amazing invention. It is often used to print off pictures and other miscellany. If you are lost, then print off a map.
  • First Digital Camera

    Cameras were big and heavy back then but these aren't. Almost all cameras today are digital. They are meant to be used for the computer.
  • Ink Jet Printer

    Printers are used to take pictures off of the computer onto paper. It allows many users to print easily. Forget about all that headache with regular printers used back in 1976.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

    MRI is a way to look inside somebody's body without using X-ray. It uses radiowaves and magnetism to make a picture. It is based on methods used in the 30's.
  • Atari 2600

    Atari was a video game company that put out a popular home game system, Atari 2600. It was popular due to the release of "Pong." It didn't have very advanced graphics, but they were advanced at the time.
  • Walkman

    The Walkman was very popular for a long time. It was used to listen to tapes on the go. They are sold in a different platform now but Ipod is more popular.
  • Cell Phone

    These were used by cavemen. They were really big and klunky. They are now really small and used to talk on.