French Timeline

  • May 9, 1297

    St. Louis IX

    St. Louis: Louis IX was canonized by Pope Boniface VIII. He was known as Saint Louis. He is the only French monarch to be declared a saint.
  • Nov 13, 1412

    Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc: Joan of Arc was a national heroine of France. She helped the French armies to important victories in the Hundred Years War. She preserved France’s independence by leading the armies of France against the English.
  • Sep 8, 1415

    Battle of Agincourt

    Hundred Years War starts. English army lead by King Henry V landed in North France. Battle of Agincourt commences
  • Edict of Nantes

    Henry IV issued the Edict of Nantes to end the French civil war of religion. Protestantism is tolerated.
  • French Revolution

    The French Revolution began with the storming of the Bastille. Numerous aristocrats are murdered.
  • Lousiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase: France sold Louisiana to the United States of America on May 2, renouncing its last territorial possessions on continental North America.
  • French Presidency

    Nicolas Sarcozy began his first term as president of France on May 15
  • Clovis

    Clovis became the first King of the Franks. He defeated the Romans in a great battle. This showed that Clovis was a brave, strong, and intelligent individual.
  • Charlemagne

    Charlemagne was made Imperator Augustus by Pope Leo III. The Treaty of Heiligen is signed between Charlemagne and the Danish king establishing the boundary between Denmark and the Frankish Empire.
  • Louis V

    Louis V dies and he has no heir. Hugh Capet was chosen as his successor for his noble blood and military successes, thus ending the Carolingian dynasty's reign, and starting the Capetian Dynasty.
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    French Timeline