• Nov 2, 1572

    St.Bartholomew's day Massecre

    St.Bartholomew's day Massecre
    Massecre of Protestants in Paris on the eve of St. Bartholomews
  • The First King

    King Louis XIII is crowned king of France
  • 30 Years War

  • The Next King

    The Next King
    King Louis XIV becomes king
  • End of Thirty Year War

    end of the religous conflict called the thirty years war. It was ended becouse France was in debt and couldn't afford to pay for the war.
  • Vesailles

    The Royal Court was moved to Vesailles
  • spanish succesion

    War over who would control spain between Italy, Denmark, Portugal, England, and France
  • End of Spanish Succesion

    France leaves the war because of loss of money and are in a bigger debt then before
  • Plague

    This was the last time that the Plague happened in France
  • French Revelution

    This ended the french monarchy