• Apr 27, 1300

    Streghtening the Central Governemnt

    Capetian kings appointed well trained officials to run the government
    - Philip IV increased royal power over the French church by taxing the clergy
    - He taxed the pope and then was arrested
    - Convened the Estates General (social classes)
    - It included commoners, nobles and clergy members
    Royal power in France strengthened
    Capetian kings visioned unification in France, but this did not appeal to the local level.
  • May 31, 1328

    Streghtening the Governemnt Cont'd

    • dynasty came to an end even though Philip IV had three sons but none of his sons were an heir to the throne
    • Charles IV- last Caetian ruler died 1328
    • Then new French Kings came into Valois family (came into power)
  • last Carolingian King died

    last Carolingian King dies
    Hugh Capet ruled Ile> de- France becomes new King
  • Growth of Royal Territory

    Carpetian Kings married noblewomen
    - doweries included great fiefs
    - conqured French lands
    - King Phillip- increased landholdings by taking large provincs