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First Opium War

By mat225
  • Opium Banned

    Opium Banned
    As China became more and more dependent, the demand for opium increased. China's Emperor Kia King bans the importation of opium.
  • Period: to

    First Opium War

  • Britain finds way to reduce trade deficit

    Britain finds way to reduce trade deficit
    In 1817, Britain finds a way to reduce their trade deficit and gain a profit from the India colony, which was already losing money. Britain does this by counter-trading Indian opium.
  • Lin Zexu

    Lin Zexu
    Lin Zexu is appointed by the Daoquang emperor as the new governor of Canton.
  • Kowloon Incident

    Kowloon Incident
    After the Chinese arrested the captain of the Carnatic, a large group of British and American soldiers vandalized a temple in Kowloon and killed a man named Lin Weixi.
  • Fighting Begins!

    Fighting Begins!
    The Royal Saxon, a British ship, tried to sail to Guangdong after the British blockaded the Pearl River to prohibit further trade. 2 British Navy ships fired a warning shot at the Royal Saxon.
  • Battle of Amoy

    Battle of Amoy
    British conquer and capture Chinese forts in Amoy and Gulangyu Island.
  • Battle of Chinkiang

    Battle of Chinkiang
    Last major battle of the war. Allowed the British to keep moving forward onto their target, Nanking.
  • Treaty of Nanjing

    Treaty of Nanjing
    The signing marked the end of the First Opium War. Also known as the First Unequal Treaty.