Financial milestone timeline

  • Period: to

    10 year mark

  • Having pets

    Having pets
    you should save money for the pet for 2 years until the pet dies.
    cost for the pet 100-10,000
    supplies- 15,000-20,000
    you can save frot hem by having a stable job
  • Period: to

    20 year mark

  • Saving for a car

    Saving for a car
    saving for a car can be very pricey. it can cost anywhere from 5,00- 45,000 dollars. In order to save properly and efficiently. you need to save from birth to 16 years old.
  • Saving for college

    Saving for college
    colleges can be very pricey. Some can range from 40,000 to even 85,000. in order to save efficiently, you need to start saving from birth to 18 years old
  • Getting married and having a wedding.

    Getting married and having a wedding.
    A wedding can cost anywhere from 2,000-20,000 you should start potentially saving at the max of 5 years in advance. This would be about 400-4,000 a year. you can pay for this by having a job, parent help, and a new spouse.
  • Period: to

    30 year mark

  • Buying a home

    Buying a home
    buying a home requires at least 10-20 years of saving because of the cost. the least amount for a good house is 150,000 and the max can go as high as a couple hundred million.
  • Period: to

    40 year mark

  • Having Children

    Having Children
    in order to have children and be financially support, you would need to save at least 500,000- till they’re out of college. In order to do this efficiently, you would need to save over 20,000 a year. you can save for this by having a stable job, and government opportunities
  • Family and regualr vaction

    Family and regualr vaction
    In order for your family or yourself to go vacation you should save big chunks of money at a time in order to pay and save faster and more efficiently. for bigger vacation is ould save 1,000-2,000 for each member. for smaller, probably around 400,700. all members of the family can help as well as having job income.
  • Period: to

    50 year mark

  • Buying other vehicles

    Buying other vehicles
    in order to buy other vehicles, you should probably save for a couple of years depending on the vehicle. The prices range, but for a new vehicle it could be from 10,000-40,000 and cost 500 a month. Having a good job and spouse help is an efficient way to pay.
  • Period: to

    60 year mark

  • Retirement

    a lot of people dream to retire one day. Although it sounds nice, it cost a lot of money. In order to save it could take several years. it can cost 300,000-500,000 as well.
  • Children’s college fund

    Children’s college fund
    children’s college fund can cost anywhere from 40,000-80,000 per child and can take up to 18 years to save for and 4,000 depending on the number of kids. being able to do this can be accomplished by having a good job and having your spouse, parents, and children help.
  • Period: to

    70 year mark