1917 russian revolution

Febuary Revolition and onwards

  • Bloody Sunday 1905

    Bloody Sunday 1905
    A protest led by Gapon went to the Wayer Palace in order to present petition and it led to the assault by police to the people. It resulted in many workers death and about 300 wounded
  • Labour issues and political strife

    Labour issues and political strife
    This is when Czar was in power and labour issues and political strife was one of the problems that made Czar get out of power
  • Shortage of bread and coal

    Shortage of bread and coal
    Shortage of bread and coal caused riots that led to demonstrations in the streets of Saint Petersburg. Cossaks gave food and raid granaries the regime was doomed.
  • Abduction of Nichikas II

    Abduction of Nichikas II
    Nicholas II was forced to abduct himself and kill his own son as well and he tried to give his other son Michael his power but on the following day he refused the crown and Russia became a republic
  • Provisional Government

    Provisional Government
    When Nicholas II was abducted the Provisional Government the head was Prince George Lvov was formed
  • April Thesis

    April Thesis
    Where Lenin accused the Bolsheviks who were still supporting the Provisional Government of betraying socialism and wants them to leave the party.
  • Tipped of power in the Bolshevik's favour

    Tipped of power in the Bolshevik's favour
    Bolshevik presses were smashed and Lenon fled to Fnland while Trotsky was forced to go to prison
  • Kornilov Affair

    Kornilov Affair
    Where the new commander in chief of the army Lavr Kormilov marched his army to Petrograd . Kerensky panicked as he thought Kormilov was going to oust the Provisional Government and replace them with a military dictatorship.
  • Bolshevik Revolution

    Bolshevik Revolution
    Armed workers known as Red Guards and the other revolutionary groups moved under orders of Soviet Military Revolutionary Commitee. A shot rang out from the Battleship Aurora the groups charged the Winter Palace. Provisional Government had fallen to the Bolshevik reign.
  • Treaty of Breast-Litovsk

    Treaty of Breast-Litovsk
    A conference between Russian delegation led by Leon Trotsky and German and Austria was a part of this treaty. Trotsky had most difficult task as he needed to take blame off Russia and to not give territory to the Central Powers
  • War Communism

    War Communism
    Where the Bolsheviks abolished private ownership of land and started to give it to peasants. It resulted in Russian not having as much freedom gained in the October Revolution
  • New Economic Policy

    New Economic Policy
    This policy ensured that farmers are allowed to sell food to open market and could now employ people to work for them. It also allowed some freedom of international trade, and permitted some private commerce and reestablished state banks
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    Treaty of Rapallo
    An agreement signed by Germany and the USSR at Rapallo. The Treaty re-established diplomatic relations, renounced financial claims on each other and it pledged future cooperation
  • League of Nations

    League of Nations
    To ensure that war never broke out again. Woodrow Wilson was a part of this nation and he was horrified by the slaughter that had taken place.
  • Five Year Plans

    Five Year Plans
    Concentrated on the developmental of iron and steel, machine tools, electric power and transport.Joseph Stalin demanded many things from his workers. Stalin argued that it was necessary to pay higher wages to certain workers in orders to encourage increased output
  • Kelogg-Briand Pact

    Kelogg-Briand Pact
    It was a pact that was one of the many international efforts top revent another World War. It failed as there was another World War in the 1930's.
  • Nazi Soviet Pact

    Nazi Soviet Pact
    Russia and Germany signed a non-agressive pact. They were scared that Germany was going to be invaded by Russia. Stalin knew the only way this would stop is to form a anti-fascist alliance with the west
  • The Purges

    The Purges
    The Purges was a sort of law that if people break it then they would get killed. Stalin announced to the country that fascist elements had taken over the security forces and resulted in innocent people getting executed