Events of the Russian Revolution

  • Russia gets involved in WW1

    Nicholas II decides to get Russia involved in World War 1
  • Nicholas leaves for Eastern Front

    Nicholas II leaves for Eatsern Front and puts his wife Alexandra in charge.
  • Rasputin "helps" and influences

    Rasputin is a man who claims he is a monk and has "magical" healing powers and claims he can help Alexandra's son Alexei.
  • Rasputin's Influence

    Rasputin ended getting a say in the government for "healing" Alexandras son Alexei and he wanted to maintain a strict autocracy and A;exandra listened. In 1916 a group of nobles murdered Rasputin and his "reign" was over.
  • March Revolution

    Women workers led a strike in Petrograd(a city). People joined in rapidly in the strike protesting lack of fuel and bread. Soldiers were ordered to shoot rioters but they joined in. Nicholas II was forced to step down from the throne.
  • Tsar Steps Down

    After Nicholas II stepped down, Alexander Kerensky took over the gov't along with the Dume
  • Bolsheviks have power

    Lenin oredered that all farmland be divided up amogst the peasants and the workers take control of factories. Then he signed a treaty with the Germans (Treaty of Brest-Litovsk) in March 1918. Treaty got them out of war but it meant a large loss of land.