europe timeline

  • 306


    He was fifty seventh emperor of the roman empire. He was emperor from 306 to 337.
  • 311

    constantine converts to christianity

    He converted in 311. Him and lucinius made it legal in 313.
  • 410

    visigoths sack rome

    the visigoths where led by alaric 1. This was the first time in 800 years that rome was sacked. They sieged rome three times.
  • 532

    the hagia sophia was built

    The church was the second one built. It was issued by Theodosius II.
  • Mar 28, 711

    muslims conqeur spain

  • Mar 28, 1054

    schism between roman and eastern orthodox churches

    They both had different beliefs.
  • Sep 11, 1297

    battle of stirling bridge

    It was the first war of scottish independence from great britain. The forces of andrew moray and william wallace defeated John de warrenne and hugh de crussingham.
  • Period: to


  • The pantheon

    The pantheon is a roman temple in Rome, Italy. IT was commisioned by Marcus Agrippa as a temple to all the gods. It has corinthian columns made of full granite.
  • diocletian

    diocletian ruled the roman empire for twenty years. he and constantine shared the rule over eastern orthodox church.
  • charlamagne crowned emperor