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  • War of Spanish Succession

    War of Spanish Succession
    Started through the death of Charles II, with the goal of dividing the French and Spanish crowns the Grand Alliance, which included most of Europe went to war with France. This led to a brutal 13-year conflict that scarred life for many French citizens.
  • Act of Union, 1707

    Act of Union, 1707
    Act that unified England and Scotland. This brought more lands under the English empire and give the Scots access to the large trade empire the English had developed. This gave economic freedom to many Scots that looked to make a living from lucrative trading.
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    Treaty of Utrecht
    Ended the War of Spanish Succession between France and most of Europe. This allowed the Spanish to prosper and the British empire to expand greatly. It allowed for peace on continental Europe.
  • War of Austrian Succession

    War of Austrian Succession
    The Habsburg monarchy's power was being challenged with the succession of Maria Theresa's Austria. This led to a war that split Europe and saw Maria Theresa retain her throne and expansion of Habsburg power. This gave greater security to those who lived under Maria Theresa's Austria.
  • Navigation Acts

    Navigation Acts
    Laws that directed how colonists could trade. Placed many restrictions on how colonists were required to be exclusive trade partners with England which severely limited the colonists' ability to make money.
  • Catherine the Great

    Catherine the Great
    The ruler of Russia from 1762 to 1796 she became a beacon for European science and art and worked to support scientists and artists alike. She led Russia to be a great power in Europe and encouraged enlightenment.
  • Treaty of Paris of 1763

    Treaty of Paris of 1763
    Treaty between Britain, France, and Spain, which ended the Seven Years War. This completely destroyed the French empire and economy by forcing it to give up Canada, land in North America, the Carribean islands, and the critical port city of New Orleans. This strengthened Spain and England after taking many formerly French lands.
  • Rule of Louis XVI

    Rule of Louis XVI
    The King of France from 1774 to 1792 Louis XVI led France into economic ruin and was unable to control the government to mend the economic issues. He was removed via the French Revolution after attempts to gain power.
  • Fourth Anglo-Dutch War

    Fourth Anglo-Dutch War
    With bubbling disputes over competitive trade routes, the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War broke out. England initially fought over the control of trade routes but by the end of the conflict, they left with all the Dutch colonies in America. This give England a much larger control over the economic benefit of North American exports.
  • Prussian Law Code of 1794

    Prussian Law Code of 1794
    Made it so that marriage between noblemen and non-noble women was illegal without government consent. This strengthened previously weakened social classes. It made it much harder for social class integration to mix classes with one another.
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